3 Simple Things

3 Simple Things

Sam and Peyton,

My most important accomplishment in life is each of you. I am so proud of the young women you have become.

As I reflect upon our lives together, there are 3 simple things I would say to always remember:

1. Listen to your gut. If that invitation to that party doesn’t seem right or you have a weird feeling about that guy, listen to your gut. You wanted to skip the party and I didn’t understand why. Then I learn it was busted for drugs. Good choice at 13 Sam! You didn’t want to be alone with that boy and your sister had to bust in and your instinct was right. This will get harder as you continue in life but always listen hard.

2. Laugh, laugh hard and laugh frequently. Find the joy in everything. Smile at others - it may be the only highlight of their day. Find the silver lining. It’s a lot easier to find what’s wrong so concentrate on the good. It’s good for your health and everyone around you. Be the light and the joy people want to be around.

3. Most importantly, remember it’s about the little things. Say, “thank you” and “please”. Be appreciative to everyone even if they don’t appreciate you. As Sam says, she’s the nice one. It’s what differentiates you and it’s harder to always be nice. Take the road less travelled. It will be hard and it won’t always feel good but it will serve you well in the long run. Give more than you receive.

I love you more than you can imagine and am so proud to be called your mom.