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Yum! Brands’ Greg Creed: Courageous Woman


Dear Lauren, It’s hard to believe that you are turning 30 this year, which only reinforces my belief that the days can be long but the years are always short. It has been a joy and brought me so much pleasure...

Bold, Smart and Beautiful


Dear Savannah Rose, You are bold, smart and beautiful. Truly beautiful inside and out. When you were born, God let an angel leave the sky to bless my life. You were spicy and creative from the start. You were...

Egon Zehnder CEO Rajeev Vasudeva: To Mihira


Dearest Mihira, Eight months ago, you had consciously chosen to come back to India and look for a job in its expanding design industry after getting your second degree and graduating from one of finest design...

For Carmella and Elle: My Top 10 List


There are never enough words or times to tell you how much hope, optimism and inspiration you bring to me, each and every day. Clearly, the very best thing I ever did in my life was marry your father, and be a...

My Most Important Startup


Dear MIS* Catherine, You and I talk a lot about this ‘changing the world’ thing. You hear about it all the time, in school or when my Silicon Valley friends come visit us in Germany. Does ‘changing the world’...

We first began writing to our daughters last year as part of Egon Zehnder’s Leaders & Daughters event series, which we are currently hosting in 40 cities around the world. Now we hope to harness the power of leadership by encouraging people to write to their own daughters – sharing their hopes and dreams for them as well as practical advice and wisdom on how to navigate the challenges ahead in their career journey. Our goal is to collectively inspire, cultivate and pave a better future for the next generation of female leaders. Please join us by sharing your own letters and nominating friends to do the same via #LeadersAndDaughters. Thank you!

Editor’s picks

Sharon Napier
CEO, Partners + Napier

For Ali & Carly- Go far, and go together.

Dear Ali & Carly, As I look at how the two of you are building your own successful careers in the advertising business, I couldn’t be prouder. Naturally, your dad and I always wanted the best for you, and while...

Denise Wong
President, Midnight Oil

Live, Love, and Laugh Well

Dear Izzi, There’s a meme spreading on social media channels of a Fisher-Price game that comes complete with all the things necessary for soul-crushing meetings. In addition to a table, chairs, coffee cups, and a...

Lindsay Trout
Partner, Egon Zehnder

And Dance – Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

To my daughters: It’s special to write to you on Mother’s Day 2018. Today at lunch, we went around the table and shared why we love and appreciate each of our family members. I was honored that you...

Lorna Donatone
CEO, Sodexo USA, Sodexo

The Mother’s Day Gift I Want You To Give Yourself

Dear Cat, A few years ago, I overheard you talking to a friend about work-life balance. You marveled that even as your mother worked a corporate job, she had been to every one of your volleyball games. That was not...

Robert Coallier
CEO, Agropur Dairy Cooperative

Ma Chère Camille

Ma chère Camille, Aussi loin que je me souviens, tu as toujours su ce que tu voulais. Ta détermination te prédestinait à de grandes choses. Ta discipline scolaire et sportive t’ont toujours démarquée. Aujourd’hui, je...

Domenico Zaccone
former CEO and Director of the Board, Senior Advisor, Sara Lee, Unilever, DPZ&Partners

A Blue Ocean In Front of You

Dear Marias, One year later, I am back again to you with a letter to support your motivations, ambitions and successes. Moreover, I want to thank you for helping me to successfully overcome a “very challenging” 2017...

Latest letters

Luke Arehart

Stay Fearless Forever

Dear Ruby Carmen, Soon you’ll be turning 3 years old. To celebrate I want to share my hopes and dreams for you: Live life for you. Let your courage grow. Make your moments count and be present. Don’t be afraid. I LOVE...

Dawn Havilamd
Director, Disney

3 Simple Things

Sam and Peyton, My most important accomplishment in life is each of you. I am so proud of the young women you have become. As I reflect upon our lives together, there are 3 simple things I would say to always remember:...

Steven Fusco
VP, IT, Fidelity Investments

Force of Nature

Dear Jessica, I will let this letter act as a warning to anyone that will try and limit you or your potential in this world. They will be dealing with a formidable force of nature. Your combined Scottish and Italian...

Greg Creed
CEO, Yum! Brands

Yum! Brands’ Greg Creed: Courageous Woman

Dear Lauren, It’s hard to believe that you are turning 30 this year, which only reinforces my belief that the days can be long but the years are always short. It has been a joy and brought me so much pleasure and...

Archana R Singh
Professor and Chair, School of Communication Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh

Dear Sowmya and Pallavi,

I am writing to both of you on this platform because I believe I am writing on behalf of all the working mothers. Ours is a unique sisterhood because working moms totally understand each other. I have been a working...

robert beckvall
teacher, coach, soldier, writer, and sports champion, the world and future youth

To My Chinese Viking

What can I say about my Chinese/Swedish daughter that hasn’t already been said in Mandarin-Arizona-Local Hawaii talk as she represents Hawaii at the 2018 Distinguished Young Women event in Alabama? You gave toys...