To My Chinese Viking

To My Chinese Viking

What can I say about my Chinese/Swedish daughter that hasn’t already been said in Mandarin-Arizona-Local Hawaii talk as she represents Hawaii at the 2018 Distinguished Young Women event in Alabama?

You gave toys to the homeless kids, you worked with seniors, you taught your sport to others, you thrive in music/art/writing, and you are set to change/contribute/work on/work with the great everchanging world.

I say create the DNA pin, whereas you hear an idiot espousing hate talk, you jab them and quickly tap into your phone for their actual DNA make-up. Then you say, “Shut up, your black, Asian, latino, and Eskimo. What is white supremacy anyway?”

Go out there with your Chinese-Swedish self, and with our Swedish, Chinese, Black, Mexican, Okinawan, Taiwanese family, and rock the vote and rock the world.

Change the colors of the world to rainbows and peace, instead of camouflage and war for no apparent reason than unknowing your DNA.

Chinese-Swedish chameleon girl.