Bold, Smart and Beautiful

Bold, Smart and Beautiful

Dear Savannah Rose,

You are bold, smart and beautiful. Truly beautiful inside and out. When you were born, God let an angel leave the sky to bless my life. You were spicy and creative from the start. You were born with your own percussion section. You march to your own drumbeat.

You are bold, smart and beautiful. I treasure seeing the world through your eyes. Your spunk, smile and laugh are wildly contagious. You have an eye for colors, patterns, textures —a true creative genius.

You are bold, smart and beautiful. Your intellectual curiosity to understand the world is insatiable. Your desire to travel and learn about culture are wonderful yearnings. You are deeply in touch with life and your own rhythm.

You are bold, smart and beautiful. Embrace your magic and trust yourself. Invite the journey and treasure each step, the highs and the lows. As Maya Angelou so elegantly noted, we often celebrate the beauty of the butterfly without appreciating its challenging journey to get there.

You are bold, smart and beautiful. You make me a better human being and you make our family whole. I treasure your company and your spirit. I am grateful for the blessing of our journey together. I love you deeper than the Aruban Ocean and more than each pebble of sand on our favorite beach.

You are bold, smart and beautiful. I have great joy in watching you groove to your own personal beat. Your confidence and will are phenomenal, and both traits will serve you well. Beat that drum. Seek your passion. Maintain your perseverance. Find the joy in being others oriented. Trust yourself. Be good to yourself. Be kind and be generous. Love, laugh, live. Stay spicy my love.