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You Had Me At Hello….


Dear Savannah,

My first grand baby, rushing into the world with such excitement, beauty and wonder. You had me at “hello”. I never knew love the way I did until the moment you were born. The kind of love that is so very hard to explain to anyone, unless they too have experienced the wonderment of being a grand parent. It is the love you have for your children times a million.

The many nights we spent together watching Charlotte’s Web, playing cooks in your pretend kitchen, watching you and wondering what you were thinking while staring up at the sky without moving. Your first trip to Disney to see the princess castle, our long walks in your wagon, our Girls on the Runs, your first spa day, our volunteer days helping serve turkey dinners, our prayers at night, and so many other special moments. The blessings that you have brought into my life with just being you and showering me with love from deep down inside that little body.

I pray every night that I have been everything you need and then some. Never ever replacing your mother, but holding steadfast to my promise to her to watch over you. That I have fulfilled your mother’s dreams of watching you grow up into the young 14 year old young lady that you are today. Preparing for your next journey of high school life soon, and then college and one day marriage and your own family. All while hoping and praying that I have done right by you and given you the love and guidance you needed.

Losing your mom at such an early age leaves so much undone and unsaid. But I have seen you grow by leaps and bounds, and yet remain my little girl. I can see your mother’s face in yours, your smile and your laugh identical to hers. A mother’s love never dies, it grows inside us like a tree, spreading its branches and yet staying strong through all the storms and fires. My love for you will never waiver, I will always be just a phone call away. There are trains, planes and automobiles. There is Skype and Facetime, I will never be more than a few moments away.

I want you to travel and see the world. I want you to be whatever you want to be. I want you to love and be loved. I want you to know what it is to be kind, compassionate and giving. To be silly and funny and never take yourself too seriously. To never ever lose yourself to please someone else, because you are perfect the way you are. To know that you deserve to be respected and loved and never to be told any different. There is so much you still need to learn, and I will do my very best to try to teach you what I can.

There is one thing that you can count on for the rest of my life and yours, that I promise to love you from here to the moon and back, that no matter how many times I say I love you, that there will still be a million times more that I will say it to you. You were, are and will always be, the love of my life baby girl.

Te amo mi amorcita Savannah, your Nana xoxo

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