The Choices you Make

The Choices you Make

To my daughters,

“My pride and joy.” “The apple of my eye.” “My precious angels.”

These are the things I hear people say about their children all the time, and while it’s true that you’re precious to me and I’m proud of you…this really isn’t about me at all. This is about you and your potential – the wide-open road of your life in front of you.

How you look back on your life at the end of the day will ultimately depend on the choices you make, and that’s why I will dedicate the next many years to helping you build your confidence and understand your worth, and teaching you to lean on your values for decision-making.

Your dad and I aren’t the only ones who will have an impact on you. I hope you’ll have a strong network of neighbors, friends, and family to help support and reinforce our values, and give you a good non-mom ear when you need it. When in doubt, choose to surround yourself with good people.

You’ll step off the road from time to time. You can’t learn every lesson from watching others, some things you need to experience yourself. We’ll always be here with wide arms, clean sheets, and a warm meal.

I want you to have every opportunity for the success you want in your lives, but I also want you to have the freedom to choose your own path. You’re brilliant and sunny and you can lead the world if you choose to. You can inspire others with your creativity and old-soul wisdom.

Until the day comes to choose a major, we’ll have lots of time to finger paint and dance silly dances and lay on boat decks with our faces turned to the sun. You’re still so little and we have so many years to grow together.

Here’s what I want you to know: You are so worthy. It’s ok to make mistakes, and you’ll learn from them. Wherever you have loved ones, you’ll always have a home. Whenever you can, choose happiness.

And I will always love kissing on your round little baby cheeks, because you’re precious to me, and I count my blessings every day that you’re in my life.