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Dear Aubrey,

So last year I sat down to write this letter to you and it never made its way to you. I’ll be honest. I wrote a few versions, got pulled away to help others and now a year later here I am. As I look back to my initial note to you and think about the year that has passed since then it occurs to me that my message to you is really simple: Focus on the things that matter to YOU. (If I’d focused on this, I would’ve submitted this letter last year!)

Aubs, you are a strong, intelligent, bright, curious, colorful, funny, clever, warm, fantastic person. At the age of seven you manage to show me new ways of seeing the world, you open my mind to new ways of thinking and exhibit compassion in ways that make me honored to have you as my daughter.

Over the years you will have experiences, friendships, successes and failures that will strengthen you. People love (and I suspect will continue to love) being around you. You’ll be pulled into many scenarios, provided many opportunities, and my hope is that you will have many paths from which to choose.

With all of this in view, I will say it again: Focus on the things that matter to YOU. You are unique and authentic and that authenticity can be your North Star. Listen to those inner voices that steer you in certain directions. And even when other people try to tell you who to be, what to do, where to go (even people like me and dad), remember that at the end of the day only you get to live your life. No one else.

Only you can truly know and feel the weight of what is important to you. Trust yourself, trust your judgment, trust your instincts and don’t forget to focus on the things that matter to YOU.

The person you are is phenomenal. If you focus on what’s important to you, you’ll knock it out of the park. Know that we will always be here to support you, we love you, and are so lucky to have a front row seat to your growth.

Love you Aubs,

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