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To my daughter Andrea!


Dear Andrea,

From the moment you were born I knew you were special. Your beautiful eyes and a smile have been melting my heart ever since. You are 8 years old now, and your charm combined with your intelligence and your emotional character makes you even more special for me.

You already speak three languages. You are the best in your class with math and reading. Your handwriting is like an art. And you can draw and paint very well. Every school report is full with the best words for you, and the ’10 minutes’ with your teacher are always only 2-3 minutes because she has nothing else to say except that you have been doing excellent. I am very proud of you because of that.

The day we went together to the library to borrow a book for your presentation at school, and you picked up ‘Mathilda’ I knew there was no coincidence, smart people attract smart experiences. Your decision to talk about Macedonia at your next school presentation is also something that makes me very proud of you. it means that you are aware of your roots, Dutch by your father and Macedonian by your mother, and you show that with pride.

I still remember the day when you came home from school being angry with another kid from your class who told you that robots are not for girls. You were right my dear–robots are also for girls. Technology is not only for boys; technology is for all who love it, no matter the gender.

When you were only five you had your business plan to become an entrepreneur and open your own business when you grow up. You wanted to sell cards and other creative self-crafted things via the Internet so Grandma and Grandpa in Macedonia could buy them, but also many other people from all over the world. For people in Amsterdam you had an idea to open a shop on Museum Square in Amsterdam. Your imagination was and still is limitless, hold onto it,  my dear!

You have proved that you are also very good in acting, you can act and dance very well, and do little crazy but nice things. And that’s all fine, because I know in those moment you are you, the sweet girl full of energy. That’s why you got my Oscar, because you are the best actress in the world for the show called ‘Andrea’s life’.

Once I asked you what do you want to be when you grow up, you told me you want to be yourself. I was shocked by you being wise beyond your years. So please do stay yourself! You are a multi-talented girl and whatever you decide to do in your life, the most important is to stick to your values, to surround yourself with people who love you and you love them, to flourish your talents, and maybe the most important is to be happy with what you do.

You are brave and hardworking, keep on that way. And you are always willing to learn new things, that’s great, the knowledge will make you stronger when facing the challenging situations in your life. Life will bring you many challenges, don’t be afraid, accept it as another learning experience. We grow through the difficult moments and challenges.

Life will also bring you lots of nice and beautiful moments, enjoy and celebrate them! In the moments when you will have to make important decisions follow your heart and instinct, they will never disappoint you. Believe in yourself and don’t ever doubt your skills and capabilities! The sky is the limit for you!

And you know what my dear, mama loves you sooooooooo much, to the moon and back, remember that!


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