Leaders & Daughters - To My Daughter

For Kathryn and Marissa

To my daughters, Kathryn and Marissa –


Already young adults, beginning to make your way along the winding road that is life as a grown up! I am so fortunate to be your mom, and having watched you grow up, am so amazed by you as women.

When you were little, and I was working, I hoped I was setting a good example for you. When you asked why I worked, I always said so that I could do my fair share of supporting our family, along with Daddy. And now I see you both working to do your part with your wives, and I am proud of each of you.

I wish for you a world where everyone is judged on their merits, and not on their outward appearance.

I wish for you the self confidence to stand up for yourself at work and in the world around you, and to go for the things you really want to do – whether it is that next level job, the challenging assignment, and especially those things that scare you just a bit – that is how we learn and grow the most.

You know how much I love you, and admire the strength each of you have shown through your life journey so far. I am confident you will continue to extend out those beautiful wings of yours, and soar off!

All my love, Mom