Leaders & Daughters - To My Daughter

To You, My Angels

Dear Kasonde and Mumbi,

A few years back I had two young girls in my house. Now I have two grown ladies, my friends, fiercest critics and my undying supporters (I hope). It has been a long journey, with its ups and downs, but I would not exchange it for anything else. As usual, I will repeat my mantra:

1. Be what you are, do not be what others want you to be. Do not apologise for being alive.

2. Be independent. We all now agree that being female is not infirmity. Outside of Dad, there will be payday for anything you receive for free from males.

3. Do your tasks to the best of your ability and honestly. Take pride in your labour.

4. Learn how to change a punctured tyre, it is a handy skill.

I love you.