Leaders & Daughters - To My Daughter

My Daughter is My World

Dear Gagandeep,

That was a proud day on 24th of March, 2011 when you made me a father and gave me a responsibility to take care of you.

In that moment, I thought a new world has been given to me by God. The day was celebrated with sweets and happiness; my heart was feeling adventurous and joyful, even some feelings i cant’t even express. Today I also remember the days when you were only one year old and i had to hold you in my lap for the whole night when you started crying. Today you are only six years old but the type of behaviour and respect you have shown for me, I always thank God for that.

I also share one feeling about the day you were born; From that day, I am feeling that you are my heart and as long as I take care of my heart I will live longer. Nowadays people says they want to make their daughter as a son but I want my daughter to be a daughter but her actions should be more louder than the sons.

I love u so much baby…………