Leaders & Daughters - To My Daughter

Stand up and Much More

Rafa and Gabi,

This task of sending a relevant message to both of my daughters, who are split by one generation, is really tough.

Maybe my words make sense to you, Rafa, but it is still going to take some time for Gabi not only to read them, but also to understand them. I decided to leave a briefing of what life has been teaching me here, which somehow, may really help you both with what you still have to face in life.

I learned that what’s new is wonderful, and it is within the new that we feel fear, but it is also in it that we grow, that we become more interesting people, and this even turns us into admirable people. Never hide your feelings, vent them always, always and always … I can assure you that the weight of non-shared emotions, whether they are happy or sad, is unbearable and not at all healthy. The ambition to accomplish something new is important; however, ambition on its own will not take us anywhere. Its focus must be to passionately leave a legacy right here, right now… this combination moves mountains, as a matter of fact, passion is key in our lives… in all senses…

Stand up for what you believe in, even if at times this may lead you to swim against the current…

Learn, listen and respect… and, just as important as all of this, recognize that you may be wrong, this is not a sign of frailness, instead it is a sign of strong and transparent leadership.

Love yourself without arrogance, because the world out there is much greater than what we can imagine.

Girls, this is the first chapter of many chapters I still want to write to you both and to finish off I’d like you to know that happiness is the sum of great small moments…

Love you Dad


Marcelo Izzo is the CEO of Solar