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To My Girls: Hannah and Sophie

Hey girls,

From Day One, you girls have been my balance and my joy. Two wonderful kids who are growing into confident and grounded women. You’re both funny, smart (‘street’ and ‘book’), beautiful and kind. I grew up in an male-dominated environment – just me, my Dad, brother Dave – and felt disconnected from a female influence after my mother left . Luckily my Dad met Liz and I met your Mum, and then you girls came along; being surrounded by strong women is intimidating, but also inspiring and comforting.

You both share your Mum’s strong will and don’t suffer fools, which fills me with the confidence that you’ll never be bullied, mistreated or abused by any friend, or potential partner. (You also have your Mum’s beautiful eyes). You both love to laugh and love to share time with our families. Plus, importantly, you love your little brother Max and are part of a wonderful environment for him to grow up in. He is very lucky; What he learns from you girls he will take with him his entire life in all relationships.

If I had to share advice – I know you ‘love’ my quotes and speeches of wisdom – It would be to be yourselves, find what you love and don’t compromise your happiness and future for anybody. Also, do what you know is right, make the best choices and share your thoughts with me and Mummy.

We’ll always be proud of you both and support your choices. We’ll always challenge you if we believe you’re on the wrong path and expect some discipline when you’re wrong. Everything we do, whether it feels great or makes you angry and resentful, is because we care for you both. In fact, expect to feel contained and restricted, because you need guidance and boundaries – Trust us when we push back because you’ll be far better for it in the future when you’re flying free.

We’re both here for you, face to face, on the phone (Or FaceTime if you fancy both). Thank you for giving me and Mummy the ultimate purpose; being responsible for the future of two splendid girls.

Love, Ya