Leaders & Daughters - To My Daughter

To Shannon and Caitlin

Dear girls,

Let’s get this straight first:

I love you both exactly the same – you are both my favourite daughter 🙂 I know how much you like to debate that but there is your answer. Now let me answer some other questions for you. You are both so lucky to have been born into a world and a time where you can both be yourselves. I promise I will do everything I can to make sure it stays that way. So please know, and know now, that who you are is just perfect. You are beautiful, clever, funny, adventurous and quite untidy. That is just great with me. I’m so proud to have contributed to who you are and blessed to have you both in my life.

Now go out there and be who you want, love who you want and be kind.

Be kind to others, be kind to your world and most of all be kind to yourself.

I Love you both a million moons.