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To My Bright Star


Dear Fiona,

You are a bright shining star in this world, joining millions of other bright stars on your journey through this life. I know you already value the connection we have as mother and daughter. It’s unlike any other relationship I have, and you rock my world daily. Our love and support of one another is unparalleled, and I’m grateful for you. During this week of celebrating women, there are some things I want you to know girl to girl, woman to woman.

Figure out what lights you up

Just as I was put on this earth to remind others of their own lights and passions, today I remind you that no matter how much the day-to-day of life gets in the way, know that staying true to what lights you up is the most important thing you can do for yourself and for our world. At a young age, you already make it clear with your love of building, music, art, and knack for relationship-binding that you have the gifts of architecting, expressing, creating, and bringing people together. Never forget you were born with these gifts, and no one can take them away from you.

You are unique

You live with two older brothers, and that will bring both gifts and challenges to you. I have overflowing love for your brothers just as I do for you. However, I want you to remember that you shine your own bright light. Your light is unlike any other this world has to offer; it’s 100% you, and the world needs you. You need not live in the shadows of anyone that comes before or after you. You have the birthright to illuminate your own way.

You are not alone 

When life is tough and things don’t always seem to go your way, know that I’m always here for you. Sometimes, you’ll need someone to help you choose an outfit. You may need someone to pull you out of a cloudy mood. Sometimes it may feel bigger, like feelings about someone you care deeply about. You’re not alone in your struggles big or small. We all have days, weeks, and years that challenge us beyond what we sometimes think we can handle. Know that you have everything you need within you to overcome your hardest challenges. Also know that if you ever doubt yourself, there’s always someone who cares about you. You matter. Find me or a mentor or someone who will listen. You are smart, strong, and beautiful in ways that are unique to you.

Learn about your mind and your soul’s voice 

Your mind will chatter and talk and help you navigate your daily life. Sometimes your thoughts won’t be helpful to you. As you experience life, learn the difference between mind chatter and your soul’s voice. There is a clear difference between the two. Learning to train your mind to succeed and follow your purpose is a skill just like riding a bike. Learning how to respond to mind chatter is like strengthening your leg muscles to be able to ride your bike up a hill. Understand that just like when you fall off your bike and find the way to pick yourself up and get back on, you can get “skinned knees” on the inside. We don’t always talk about heartache, but when our feelings get hurt, we have to go through grief, be sad or angry, and let time unveil its ability to help heal our hearts.

Know that you can always reach me, your family, and friends who will be there for you while you muster your strength, and get back on that emotional bike ride. Throughout your entire life, you will always be on the path of learning. If you commit to staying on the part of the path that feels right to you, you’ll always be headed in the right direction, no matter the choices presented to you, the forks in the road.

You may be both kind and strong 

Kindness is not a replacement for strength. Although I teach you to be kind, kindness is not a veil for passivity or being overly accommodating. You are a strong girl, and you will be a strong woman. Your strength comes from knowing who you are and having knowledge of your mind, body, and soul as a total person you will be one day as a woman. Always speak from your heart, and hold your values high as you discover all of your strengths and shortcomings. When you are feeling like you need someone to look to for guidance, find women and men that you respect, and model the very best from them.

Ask and Receive in Confidence and Faith 

I’ve asked for help in my life, and so will you. If you remember you are human and your humanness is without limits, you will be able to transform your life when you decide to. When you decide that you want to transform your life, decide that you will not let your fear, anxiety, and stress take over your thinking. Rather use your positive mindset in confidence and faith knowing that you mostly have control of your thinking, yet in life some things may take twists and turns that surprise you. Ultimately, you won’t have control of everything outside of you, and that is ok. Lastly, if you can create a ritual in your life that reminds you to be grateful, you will recognize the daily abundance that was given to you as well as all of the abundance that you work hard for. Recognize all that we have as women, as family, and as travelers on our journey through life together. There are millions of sisters that aren’t part of your family, but will be there for you. Know that your strength as a woman and a global sister will always support you if you remember to reach out for it. You are a bright light, and I love you always.

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