Leaders & Daughters - To My Daughter

God Promised a Little Lily

To my heart,

Years before you were born, I knew that someday I would have a little girl and her name would be Isabella. After 30 weeks you finally revealed yourself as Isabella, which means God’s Promise ,and at the end I added Sayuri which means Little Lily. Together to me, it meant God promised a little Lily, and even more so, lilies were always my favorite flowers.

Throughout the first 7 years of your life, soon you turn 8, the two of us have conquered so much together. Reflecting on it now… I couldn’t have done it without you. With your hilarious, conscious, too smart personality you have been the driving force behind me becoming a survivor, conqueror and now mommy warrior and I will do it all over again just to see you acting crazy and being emotional and dramatic because you know I can’t actually deal with too much hugs and kisses and affectionate things. 🙂 I love you for that.

I love you for being 7 years old and understanding that people are individual and that we all have our own ways that make us special. I love you for accepting it and embracing it. I love you for being so articulate that you are able to express yourself and how you feel to anybody no matter creed or age. I love that you don’t mind that I am a workaholic and I am doing this so we can have the commodities we do have. I love that you have never asked without sincerity about another person’s misfortune and treat all of us equally.

I am driven by you, since the day I found out I was finally having you, the day I left daddy, the day I made those tough decisions that left you crying, the day I scolded about your room being untidy, the day/s I worked till 2am and all those times I refuse to accept the status quo, I was driven by you and the decision to see you living a life filled with all your dreams. But I do all of this mainly because I never want you to lose the compassion, joy and love you have in your heart. I believe that through fulfilling your dreams and staying the conscientious soul that you are, you will always be happy and find greatness. I strive daily to give you the platforms to achieve your dreams, to be surrounded with people who are like-minded so that we all remain strong and inspired.

I want you to always remember this… no matter what the challenge is that is set before you, there is the other side, and getting to the other side might be rough and challenging but when you get there, you are going to know it was all worth it. So go my heart, go dance your way through to the other side and keep dancing till the music changes and then, dance to that beat. Thank you for joining me on earth and allowing me to experience the little lily that God promised. I look forward to watching your journey unfold and I promise to always fulfill my purpose in your life.

Love you more than the amount of stars in the sky, Mom