Leaders & Daughters - To My Daughter

The Proudest Mom on Planet Earth


Dearest Regina, I write you this letter as the most proud mom on planet Earth. There’s nothing really new about this because I have felt this way since the day you were born. As you grew and at each age...

Apple’s Angela Ahrendts: Always Be Present


Dear Sommer and Angelina: Hopefully you won’t read anything in this letter that you haven’t already heard from me many times before. I’ve always tried to lead by example when we are together...

UTV Founder Ronnie Screwvala: The Choices You Make


Dearest T, How often does a dad write to his daughter in this, the 21st Century? Not often, and so it feels kind of weird yet good to pen this short one. Most times when you or I have something to say, we...

I Want You to Have It All


To my daughter: I always want to believe you will work in an environment that recognizes that diversity and inclusion is the key to creativity, innovation and business success. It seems like such an easy...

We first began writing to our daughters last year as part of Egon Zehnder’s Leaders & Daughters event series, which we are currently hosting in 40 cities around the world. Now we hope to harness the power of leadership by encouraging people to write to their own daughters – sharing their hopes and dreams for them as well as practical advice and wisdom on how to navigate the challenges ahead in their career journey. Our goal is to collectively inspire, cultivate and pave a better future for the next generation of female leaders. Please join us by sharing your own letters and nominating friends to do the same via #LeadersAndDaughters. Thank you!

Editor’s picks

Randall Lane
Chief Content Officer and Editor, Forbes Media

To My Budding Entrepreneur

Dear Chloe, You arrived in a hurry, avoiding birth in a taxicab by only a few minutes. It turned out the umbilical cord was wrapped around your neck, and your quick escape dodged possible tragedy. Even then, you knew...

Dede Orraca-Cecil
Consultant, Egon Zehnder

Focus on What Matters to YOU

Dear Aubrey, So last year I sat down to write this letter to you and it never made its way to you. I’ll be honest. I wrote a few versions, got pulled away to help others and now a year later here I am. As I look back to...

Julie Bornstein
Former COO, Stitch Fix

Friends and Family Come First

Dear Lucy, Friends and family always come first. They may not get the most time, but they’re the engine that supports you, keeps you connected and gives you the strength to take on the world. I hope you can find a...

Dawn Rodney
SVP Marketing

Lead with Kindness My Three Warriors

To My Three Warriors, You are each unique. Beautiful in your own way. Blessed with individual strengths and talents. Embrace them. Focus on them. Lean into them. Define yourself, your own journey, your own success...

Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers
Manager Technology and Innovation, IBM

To my daughter Andrea!

Dear Andrea, From the moment you were born I knew you were special. Your beautiful eyes and a smile have been melting my heart ever since. You are 8 years old now, and your charm combined with your intelligence and your...

Krystal Shannon
Executive Assistant

What you do today matters…

What you do today matters… As your senior year in high school comes to a close, words cannot express how proud I am of the woman you have become. As a young child, I always taught you that what you do today...

Latest letters

Alejandro Folmer
Consultant, Egon Zehnder

A Letter for You to Keep…

Dear Cata, The moment you arrived, my life changed. From that day forward, everything I did had the purpose of teaching you something. Since then, your life has been in constant change: from saying your first words to...

Sven Petersen
Partner, London, Egon Zehnder

Catch a Dragon

Dear Berry (7) and Vita (8), When you were both very little I left for work in the morning and blurted out to both of you: “Catch a Dragon!” It just came out. You both looked at me quizzically, but soon the...

Tiffany Haynes
General Manager, Human Resources

To My Boys on Being Men

March 8, 2018 — Rowen (6), Liam (5), Ezra (3), Finley (4 months) Boys, I’m sitting in an airport, thrashing on my laptop while I await a flight home. It’s International Women’s Day – a day where we celebrate women...

Lisa Aronson
Director, Enterprise Communication, Allstate

Ladies of the House

Dear Abby and Syd, I find myself chuckling, while also feeling a little sad that the title of our group chat has evolved from “Ladies of the House” to “Crew Minus a Few”. Wow. Am I really going to be an “empty nester”...

Kerry Hackett
Director, Corporate Relations, Allstate

To My Fierce Girl

Dear Gracie, Where to start!? You are magnificent. You are smart. You are silly and funny! You are compassionate. You are loving. You are outrageously curious! You are peaceful. You are a ball of energy too! You are...

Anne Marie Mandler
Strategist and Founder, Mind & Method

Together We Can Change the World

Dear Fiona, Last year, I wrote you a letter on International Women’s Day. This year, I write to you in hopes that the more words I give you and more examples I show you, the more you understand who you are in the...