Don´t Forget To Keep Cycling

Don´t Forget To Keep Cycling

Dear Isidora,

We live in a long and narrow country called Chile. Our city is surrounded by beautiful mountains, the one we see every day when we woke up. We cycle every day to go to your nursery school. You love cycling. The last crazy adventure we had was cycling for more than 24 kilometres in four hours around our city along with 8,715 another bikers.  You were so happy.

Dear daughter, I still don’t know what is the key to be a leader. I just know that are a few things that I can tell you that could help you and make you happy. Because my love to you is the key for life. Being happy is not easy. You have to embrace yourself and not listen to other people. You have to always ask yourself what you want, and experience your life.

I don´t want you to be Miss Perfection. I want you to be a strong and brave woman. You should point to your goals. If you make a mistake, you have to learn how to stand up again. Learn from your mistakes. Because the only way, my sweet daughter, is making mistakes. Surround yourself with good people that are trustworthy, and tell you the truth. Always consider your heart instead of your mind. Don´t let your ego carry you into bad influences. Let your intuition guide you.

Dear daughter, learn how to breathe deep and long. Always play and do not try to sympathize with everyone, because you will never accomplish that. Work hard for what you want. Be respectful with all living things in this world that welcome you. Always say thank you to all the trees and living things for all the beautiful work that they do in this world.

This life, dear Isi, is a long road. There will be sunny days, your way will be full of lush routes and your friends will be with you. Other days you´ll be alone and you will have to climb steep mountains. It will rain, it will be cold and you will want to give up everything. You will cry and suffer but there I will be, in my bike with you my dear baby, cheering you up, giving you what you need to climb that steep mountain and enjoy going down. My love, the only thing that you have to do is keep cycling. That the eternal sun lights you and the love surround you.

I love you.