Leaders & Daughters - To My Daughter

I Want You to Have It All

To my daughter:

I always want to believe you will work in an environment that recognizes that diversity and inclusion is the key to creativity, innovation and business success. It seems like such an easy concept, but today there are more environments where that is not the case than where it is.

I want you to work in a world where we aren’t keeping score of women in the workplace, or women leaders or women CEOs and BOD members. I want you to know you can be an incredible business leader, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, godparent, friend and wife all at the same time. In fact, the better you are at those things outside the workplace the better you will be in the workplace, and I want you to work for people and companies that recognize and enable that balance.

You are an incredible woman and you have so much success ahead of you. The world needs incredible women to lead and manage and make a difference. And women have to make it possible for other women to achieve this. I look forward to watching you do that for yourself and for the others you work with and live around. I will always be here for you trying to do the same.

I love you.

Eric Sprunk is the Chief Operating Officer of Nike, Inc.